You Can Help!

Being diagnosed with breast cancer effects every aspect of your life, including finances. Which is why we are devoted to help young women diagnosed with breast cancer overcome the financial burdens through our special grant opportunities.

Remember, honor, and provide hope to your loved ones with a donation to our organization. Through PayPal, you can provide a one-time donation or a recurring donation that charges on your credit card monthly.

  • With $50, we can give a family a gas card to help defray the costs of travelling for treatments.
  • With $75, we can provide a grocery store card to help feed a family.
  • With $100, we have one-fourth of a grant.
  • With $200, we have half of a grant.
  • With $400, we can offer another grant.

Every single donation helps and we appreciate your support.

Please donate using the Paypal Button on this page. Major credit cards are accepted and you do not need to have a PayPal account. (If you do have Paypal, you can donate directly from your account or use a credit card.)

Donating by Check please mail to:

P.O. Box 65
Venetia, PA 15367